Released: 2021

The Things We Can't Forgive

1. When the War Ends (Ft. ILL BILL)
2. Everything Once (Ft. Rite Hook)
3. Blurry Eyed (Ft. Claire Whall)
4. Revolver
5. Wrath & Pride (Ft. Snak The Ripper)
6. Chasing Ghosts (Ft. Rite Hook)
7. Beautiful
8. Not Enough (Ft. Rite Hook)
9. The Things We Can't Forgive (Ft. Rite Hook)
10. Legend Of The Fall

Released: 2019

One Day

1. Redemption
2. Time Is Now (Ft. Rite Hook)
3. Still Got My Gun (Ft. Heavy Metal Kings & Rite Hook)
4. Trick The Trap (Ft. Rasheed Chappell & Statik Selektah)
5. It Catches You (Ft. Nico Franc)
6. Broken Toys (Ft. Apathy & Locksmith)
7. Night Will Fall
8. The Feeling I Get
9. The Day Before I Die
10. Can't Stay The Same
11. One More Day
12. Do What You Love (Ft. Cyrus DeShield)

Released: 2016

Slaine Is Dead

1. Slaine Is Dead (Intro)
2. Slaine Is Dead
3. Nobody Prays For Me (Ft. Demrick)
4. Pusher
5. Just The Way You Are (Ft. Termanology)
6. Knocked Down (Ft. Rite Hook)
7. Legendary (Ft. Heavy Metal Kings & Jared Evan)
8. Coming Home